Committed to

  • supporting the President’s agenda.
  • working for reciprocal, mutual, balanced, trade agreements that protect our jobs.
  • working for permanent tax cuts.
  • securing our borders.
  • protecting the 2nd Amendment rights.
  • repealing the Affordable Care Act of 2010
  • holding frequent Town Halls.

The principles that guide the candidacy of Earl Bowerman for Washington State 3rd Congressional District are on these pages, and please attend a Bowerman Town Hall to learn more and to dialog with Earl. One of these web pages lists this campaign’s major tenets. The tenets are summarized, and are adapted after the candidate’s Town Halls that offer important conversation with you. Your input is heard.

A word about donations . Please donate any amount to this campaign. All donations are appreciated, and I take great pride that donations will support this campaign’s efforts to communicate with and inform voters.

This campaign is about politics and all things political affecting SW Washington State. I believe in term limits and pledge to you to be a public servant and answer the question posed by Thomas Jefferson: how is my country better for my having lived and served? I stand with you as a Republican candidate who is not in with the Washington, D.C. special-interests groups and who represents new ideas and votes obligated to no one except you, the constituent, the people of Southwest Washington! Another Republican candidate, the incumbent Ms.Herrera Beutler, clearly likes being a career politician because she’s going for her 5th term — enough! On October 8, 2016, Ms.Herrera Beutler announced she would not vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 general election for president which in turn helped Hillary Clinton.