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Town Hall, Vancouver WA

Thanks to everyone who attended the town hall at Clark College-CTC in Vancouver, Washington. We had a great time discussing the desire for “Political Happiness” and citizen-centric Republican representation in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District.

Earl Bowerman
Candidate WA 3rd Congressional District (R)

I will support and advocate for:

  • Accountability to Constituents
  • Ethical and Truthful Conduct
  • Principled Performance
  • Local Job Growth
  • Balanced and Reciprocal International Trade
  • Federal Income Tax Cuts
  • Repeal Affordable Care Act
  • Short-term Healthcare Plans
  • Law enforcement
  • Second Amendment Protection
  • Sea Lion harvest in Columbia River
  • Monthly Q&A with Constituents
  • Repeal of the U.S. Senate Filibuster Rule
  • Congressional Term limits.
  • Individual Rights and Expression
  • Presidential  “line item veto” on Federal Authorization Bills
  • Strong National Borders
  • Legal Immigration

The principles that guide the candidacy of Earl Bowerman for Washington State 3rd Congressional District are on these pages, and please attend a Bowerman Town Hall to learn more and to dialog with Earl.

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