Vote for the Conservative Republicans



We are past time for the government to live within its means.

It is immoral for our reckless government debt to be passed on to our children.

For too long, Congress has seen the debt ceiling as a speed bump to expanded government spending, instead of the hard cap on spending that it’s supposed to be.

We as publicly elected officials work at the behest of the constituents.

Recently, we have seen and read about gross abuses and misuse of public funds provided by you and I – the taxpayer. We have a right to hold our public officials at a higher ethical and moral standard and to know how our money is being used.​

The state has a responsibility to ensure that they work within the means of the given budget and to exercise prudent judgement in where funds are allocated; this means that I must interact and dialogue with my constituents to know what the immediate needs and concerns are which can inform reasoned decision on your behalf.​

The state needs to adopt a frugal mentality and not one of using all funds for the fiscal year in order to justify higher budget needs for the following year. The state has a duty to make their budgets available to the constituent to see how and where their funds are being used. I aim to provide them with a voice at congress in support for or against proposals on where their funds are being shared.​

As your congressman I will reject any effort to further raise the debt ceiling. I will work to roll back government spending and eliminate all unnecessary programs and budget items that are not allowed for by the U.S. Constitution.

I want active engagement and participation with my constituents – and I will implement plans to ensure access.

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