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I have always found it interesting that the government does not require information on your ethnic background when filling out yearly tax forms.

The Government apparently doesn’t care what color your skin is when it’s asking for money.

I support equal employment opportunity and equal pay for equal work, and have done so ever since passage of the Act calling for protected classes’ freedom from discrimination.  Affirmative action programs are different, however, and I oppose that concept because I believe that minorities and women are capable of competing in education or labor without a built-in advantage or government oversight.

The 50-year-old war on poverty, designed to provide a better life for minorities, is a proven abject failure and does nothing but perpetuate the very poverty it seeks to eliminate.

I believe that the best way to celebrate diversity is to treat all people equally.​

I believe that the sooner the government stops worrying about the color of people’s skin, the sooner people will quit thinking it’s important.

As your congressman, I will advocate to remove questions of ethnicity from all governmental forms, and the elimination of any federal programs that do not apply to all Americans equally.

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