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As a professional and professor in agriculture, and a resident of our beautiful Pacific Northwest I understand the need for conservation.
Our country is wonderfully blessed with a wide variety of natural resources.
As citizens, it is our duty to be good stewards of these resources.

Several concerns fall under this category: forestry, fishing, agriculture, public health and safety. We have several laws to mitigate hazards and to ensure protections in the event of environmental disasters. However, we must do more to prevent these to begin with – with the laws and tools that we already have at our disposal.​

Occasionally, these issues are the result of criminal activity, which must be punished according to the law. We must ensure that people who work on the front lines are provided with adequate training and equipment to do their jobs and to provide adequate recompense for the risks that are involved with the job.​

Management of our waterways, fishing industry, forestry and logging, and agriculture must be done in a manner that provides a balance between our needs and nature. We need to work with federal policy makers and businesses to identify best practices to achieve this.

Part of my responsibility in Congress will be to see that private exploitation of our national resources does not pass along costs to the public, in terms of pollution, ecologic damage or decreased quality of life.

I am outraged by industries who are willing to pay regulatory fines because it’s cheaper than cleaning up the damage they cause, and I will seek to end to this practice.

The Arctic national wildlife refuge can be exploited for its oil reserves with virtually no impact on the ecology or wildlife of the North Slope, as proven by operations in areas adjacent to the ANWR.​

Last but not least; Washington state is in a tsunami and landslide zone. We need to have effective evacuation and people management plans in place in the even of such a natural disaster and to have access to federal resources if required.

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