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Questions from Constituents

Earl, the NDAA has significant Constitutional privacy and rights violations built into it. What is your stance on the re-authorization of the NDAA and if elected, would you vote in favor of it?

Answer: The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) originated in 1961 during the time of President Kennedy and has passed every funding cycle since.  It is a series of specific laws that fund the Defense Department. Since that time, The NDAA bill has been used to attach (earmarks) funding bills not related to national defense and has raised invasion of privacy concerns. The NDAA bill may have hundreds of amendments, many of which are not related to national defense. There should be separation of all appropriation bills. Specifically, an NDAA bill that contained earmarks unrelated to national defense or which authorized spying on private U.S. citizens without a court order would not receive my vote.

Earl, what is your stance on a Convention of States, and more specifically would you be in favor on a Constitutional Amendment requiring a balanced federal budget?

Answer: In general I do not support at this time the calling of a Convention of States as outlined in the U.S. Constitution. There’s a chance that the convention of delegates could get out of control and damage our present U.S. Constitution. We need to have builtin safeguards before calling of a Convention of States. I am for balanced federal budgets. But I wonder how it would be enforced and who would be responsible for the enforcement.

Earl, what is your stance on full privatization of public entities/services, specially the USPS and Social Security?

Answer: I see little reason to federally subsidize USPS at such high levels. Most of us receive only junk mail and magazines.The financial integrity of Social Security should be protected by the U.S. Government. However the management of SS is very poor and bloated. The management of SS should be studied.

Earl, there are approximately 18 million illegal immigrants currently residing in our country. Some conservatives, like myself, recognize that is both logistically impossible and ethically irresponsible to simply deport 18 million people. If elected, how would you vote on items such as DACA, a fully funded southern border wall, and immigration in general?

Answer: In general I am in agreement with our President’s immigration policies. I would vote to fund the wall.
The immigration discussion has many issues. Logistics and ethics are emotional components of the illegal immigrant debate. The U.S. has many immigration laws which should be followed. For me it’s not a question of am I for or I am against DACA. I am for impartially enforcing the immigration laws. Immigration should be based on merit.

Earl, as you are aware, the Protecting Cyber Networks Act could open up a new back channel for surveillance of American citizens and adversely impacts the fourth amendment on warrantless searches. If elected, what would you do to repeal or change list legislation?

Answer: I have read a summary of the Act. It seems that the act provides strong protection for privacy and civil liberties. However I don’t see a need for the Act. Cyber network people can protect the network according to past precedence. Having government involvement is of little or no benefit. I would not vote for the Act.

Earl, as you are aware, the TPA abdicates one of the congressional checks to the executive. If elected, what would you do to change or repeal this legislation?

Answer: The Trade Promotion Authority legislation has proven to be highly political. Many jobs in the heavy industry sector have moved to other countries. Some countries have devalued their currency. The United States has had a trade disadvantage. In general the TPA places the President in charge of foreign trade. I do not favor the TPA. I would vote to repeal the TPA legislation.

Earl, as you know federal funding goes towards keeping the largest organization of abortion services in the country. If elected, what you do to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood?

Answer: I would not vote for any bill that authorized funding for Planned Parenthood regardless of other important funding projects within the authorization bill such as the $1.6T budget recently passed and signed by the President.

Earl, as you are aware, the CRC boondoggle is far from dead. If elected, how would you use your position in Congress to fight a new bridge that would include light rail into Vancouver and tolls?

Answer: We need an additional corridor and Columbia River bridge. The CRC should be Interstate Hwy 207 which runs on the Westside of Vancouver/Portland must the same as I205 on the Eastside. Leave the Interstate 5 Bridge as is except for safety upgrades. I would not vote to fund a bridge with light rail. The federal government controls the tolling booths on federal highway system. Officials within the U.S. Department of Transportation should be well informed by your representatives about the detriments of tolls on SW Washington State. Each workday seventy thousand SW Washington workers travel to Oregon and pay per year $200,000,000 in taxes to Oregon 

Earl, are you corruptible? If elected, you will face tremendous pressure from the Establishment Leadership to tow the line and do as you are told (as Jaime has done since day one). What strategies will you use to ensure you stick to your principles and avoid the establishment’s trap?

Answer: This is the question of questions. Too many politicians are corrupted from Day One of their term, but having term after term typically makes isolation and corruption even worse. That’s why I believe in term limits and offer my service as a fresh candidate.
I am principled and stick to those principles. It’s how I was brought up in simple circumstances where your word made you a man. A candidate must have guts to say what he/she believes and maintain those principles (guts) once elected. My primary strategy in office is to maintain in-person 2-way communication with concerned constituents far beyond the halls of congress.

Earl, what is your stand on Term Limits in Congress? Would you propose legislation in your first term to institute term limits? If so, under what parameters specifically?

Answer: My thoughts on Congressional member term limits are posted  Here.

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