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Safety in Schools

  by Earl Bowerman
Guns have a role in school safety. Guns along with fire extinguishers and fire alarms should be part of school safety programs. Together local school boards, local and state law enforcement agencies should develop protection policies, equipment standards and operational procedures for rapid response to school threats and attacks. The federal government has no role except to provide encouragement and possible financial support.

Summary on School Safety:

  1. School faculty and staff who wish to participate in school safety and defense can be certified after firearm use/defense training and background checks by law enforcement officials.
  2. Deputize the certified school faculties and staffs.
  3. Make handguns available to qualified faculty and staff part of school safety program.
  4. Enclose a handgun in a locked wall safe near each fire extinguisher and alarm in classrooms and hallways.
  5. Open handgun safes only by finger print and/or face recognition of certified school safety and defense faculty and staff.
  6. Give an annual bonus to each school safety and defense faculty and staff upon renewal of certification.
  7. Guns are not carried on school campus.


Term Limits for Congressional Members

   by Earl Bowerman
Everyone, democrats and republicans, should push for congressional member term limits – two terms for the Senate and three terms for the House of Representatives. Term limits are the only way to cure swamp disease. Let’s reduce the influence of special interests’ power in Washington, D.C.  and strengthen the voices of everyday citizens in all U.S. Congressional Districts. Presidential term limits have served the United States well. Several states have term limits for members of their state legislatures, but that does not affect the term limits of terms of those in federal service. Some states have also attempted to impose federal term limits, but in a 5-4 vote in May 1995, the Supreme Court ruled that states can’t place limits on the length of time members of congress can serve that must come from the federal level itself. The ruling strikes down an Arkansas term-limit law and similar measures passed by 21 other states.  As a member of Congress, Earl Bowerman would support a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on those in the U.S. Congress.

Congressional term limits seem to be a popular idea everywhere except in the U.S. Congress. Ask your congressperson if he/she supports congressional term limits. (The incumbent is going for her 5th two-year term.)

*”We came to office not to seek for our own power, but to implement sound principles and to benefit all the people within our states. We then passed the torch to the next generation of leaders.
Imagine how different — and better — policy and politics in America would be if term limits applied to the United States Congress.”*
    *Source: G. Johnson and B. Weld, The Washington Times , Tuesday, June 28, 2016


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