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Heavy taxation and red tape stifle job creation opportunities and stagnate local economy growth. Washington business owners are bound by over 200 regulation requirements. My aim is to streamline these requirements and enable growth.

​A prime example of this is in forestry in that a healthy forest provides both jobs and a community tax base. It provides a healthy wildlife habitat. When overpopulated, it is subject to disease, insects and fire. When managed as an agricultural commodity, it is harvested and replanted in a sustainable manner. Insects and diseases and fire are more easily controlled. Erosion and drainage are managed by controlled harvest. Harvested trees are replanted.  Federal forest mis-management has allowed uncontrolled forest fires in SW Washington.

​Another example is in our waters. Bowerman says that when he interviewed fishermen from Cowlitz and north Clark County, he concurred with their assessment that sea lions passing the Astoria Bridge need to be shot and hazed in order to save salmon runs, as well as sturgeon and steelhead.  Bowerman says that the endangered salmon protection act proposed in June 2017 that allows tribal and government fish managers to remove up to 100 sea lions per permit is a drop in the bucket that does not go far enough.

​“I have a fishing trip scheduled to assess details of the problem and give me first-hand opportunity to work with more Southwest Washington anglers, fishing guides and commercial fishermen,” said Bowerman. At the very least, he says, we know that we must protect remaining intact rivers in order to sustain long-term salmon conservation.

​Bowerman added, “Whether in Alaska or Washington, I find salmons’ migrations to be a miracle of nature.” The Wild Salmon Center Pacific salmon fuel a $3 billion industry, supporting tens of thousands of jobs and local economies and communities around the Pacific Rim.”  Because of this, Bowerman says, it is important to remember that protecting our fishing industry means jobs in Southwest Washington and even beyond jobs, they are cultural icons of our local communities.

​Bowerman says that when he interviewed fishermen from Cowlitz and north Clark County, he concurred with their assessment that sea lions passing the Astoria Bridge need to be shot and hazed in order to save salmon runs, as well as sturgeon and steelhead.  Bowerman says that the endangered salmon protection act proposed in June 2017 that allows tribal and government fish managers to remove up to 100 sea lions per permit is a drop in the bucket that does not go far enough.

​Because of this, Bowerman says, it is important to remember that protecting our fishing industry means jobs in Southwest Washington and even beyond jobs, they are cultural icons of our local communities.

​“As your congressman I will introduce bills to lower business taxes for businesses large and small, and fight against regulations that do nothing but get in the way of business. I believe that federal minimum-wage increases have the unintended consequence of pricing those that they’re intended to help right out of the labor market.” said Bowerman.

​A sustainable SW Washington is dependent upon local business, which is the bedrock of our communities. I will help increase awareness of volunteer programs such as Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) that match retired executives with entrepreneurs in small business  for consultation and business success.


Business success and limited government go hand-in-hand. Business success means jobs. America today remains the economic powerhouse of the world. We are, by a narrow margin, still the most productive country in the world, and the biggest market in the world. I will introduce legislation in Congress for lower business taxes.

I will push for fair trade, not free trade.

I believe that, given a favorable employment market and regulatory atmosphere, our workers can out-compete foreign industry in both value and quality.


Our 3rd Congressional District is heavily dependent on federal highways, rail and marine transportation. This infrastructure needs funding to be properly maintained and expanded to meet growing needs.

I will not, however, accept frivolous transportation bills whose costs are not proportional to the need, like the infamous Gravina Island Bridge to nowhere.

We have a serious congestion issue between Oregon and Washington. The problem needs attended to with solutions, which alleviate congestion – to the satisfaction of the constituents. For further information, see my platform statement on “no Oregon tolls.”

​Several constituents have talked about alternatives for infrastructure that expands tunnels to connect Portland to Vancouver or building a bridge western sides (and perhaps even a second eastern bridge) of the I-5 bridge. As your Congressional Representative, I will aggressively serve as liaison with our county and state leadership to the appropriate federal entities.

​This project will be a massive undertaking that will involve bi-state involvement with policy makers on both side of the river, multiple budgets and several constituencies to come to an accord on how to proceed.

​I will work towards the most optimal outcome for both commuting constituents, the ports and businesses with freight to be moved in order to ensure minimal disruption to trade and movement. ​


The Department of Energy was established in the 1970s in response to an international oil shortage, with the goal of making the United States energy independent. Clearly, that has not been accomplished, despite the Department’s work under its $34.5 billion appropriation. I will vote to dissolve this Department incrementally over time.

I believe that energy independence is achievable through the free market, and I will stand against all subsidies to the energy industry.

These subsidies distort the free market, resulting in inefficient distribution of resources and higher cost to the consumer. I will encourage research and development into alternate nuclear technologies, such as liquid salt thorium reactors, and will encourage a review of permitting and regulatory obstacles to bringing such technology to market.


​I strongly support our active duty military and our veterans.

Our soldiers should receive the best equipment available, and competitive pay and benefits for the difficult job they do.

Our injured veterans deserve the best care our country can provide. I will work closely with our veterans to facilitate their disability claims through Veterans Affairs in a timely manner.

If our VA hospitals are overwhelmed, our veterans should be able to use private healthcare without worrying about the costs. I believe that except in the case of imminent national threat, the President should not deploy our soldiers in an extended combat role without formal resolution of Congress.


Decisions about a child’s education should be made between the teacher and the parent.

Education is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, and therefore according to the 10th amendment the federal government role in education should be remanded to the individual states.

We need to provide our students with quality education and have a duty of care to ensure that we do.

When elected I will seek to abolish the Department of Education and eliminate all federal subsidies, federal loan programs and federal scholarships, which should constitutionally be under the purview of the states. I will advocate for the use of a voucher system to encourage education funding to go directly to the parents to be spent on an accredited school.

​My focus in education will be to work on the groundwork set by our President to give state autonomy over education. I plan to propose higher parental involvement between students, schools and parents to facilitate a holistic approach to delivery of education from K – 12.

For higher education, I plan to propose a bill to push vocational studies, apprenticeships and internships with local businesses and higher education institutions. I aim to provide alternative routes and pathways towards qualification as skilled professionals, which can lead to quicker employment prospects from gained on-the-job experience.


In spite of all good intentions, experience shows us that government involvement in health care reduces healthcare availability and increases costs.

Citizens should not be forced to buy federally-required health insurance that they would not reasonably seek to buy on the open market.​

As your congressman I will advocate for complete repeal of Obamacare. I will introduce legislation to allow insurance companies to market their policies across state lines. I will sponsor legislation to encourage a free market in healthcare, including mechanisms to allow the average person to quickly cost-compare health services.


​Rights are not something that should be voted on or modified at any level of government. They are not something bestowed on us by the government, but are rules intended to limit the power of government over the individual.

As your congressman, I will fight legislation that seeks to infringe on our constitutional rights, particularly our right to bear arms and our right to be free of unreasonable search and seizures.

I will advocate a congressional review of the efficacy of the patriot act, including the unnecessarily intrusive requirements of the transportation safety administration.

I will seek to abolish warrantless seizures and surveillance of American citizens.

I will call for congressional oversight of our FISA courts.


​There has never been a shooting in the United States where the shooter was not in violation of multiple laws.

Passing more laws to attempt to reduce gun crimes will have no effect except to disarm law-abiding citizens. Those that wish to violate the law, will do so despite deterrence measures – research has shown this to be accurate across multiple studies. Laws do not deter the criminal but instead restrict the law abiding citizen.

We have witnessed that when this strategy has been attempted in other countries, violent crime increases. Multiple studies have shown that as many as 2.5 million crimes are prevented by private citizens each year because the victim brandished or used a weapon in self-defense.

As your Congressman, I will be a strong protector of the Second Amendment, because I believe in the right of every citizen to be able to defend themselves.

Further, I believe that the Second Amendment ensures and protects all of our other constitutional rights. According to George Washington, “A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain the status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”


​Our litigious legal system is the laughing stock of the world.

Our courts are jammed with trivial lawsuits, and some judges practically rewrite laws from the bench with what are sometimes bizarre legal interpretations.

I will introduce legislation to reform our tort laws so that the loser of a lawsuit pays all legal fees.

I will protect congress’ exclusive authority to legislate by calling for the impeachment of any judge who mocks the law by rendering an opinion they clearly violates the legislative intent of the law.


We are past time for the government to live within its means.

It is immoral for our reckless government debt to be passed on to our children.

For too long, Congress has seen the debt ceiling as a speed bump to expanded government spending, instead of the hard cap on spending that it’s supposed to be.

We as publicly elected officials work at the behest of the constituents.

Recently, we have seen and read about gross abuses and misuse of public funds provided by you and I – the taxpayer. We have a right to hold our public officials at a higher ethical and moral standard and to know how our money is being used.​

The state has a responsibility to ensure that they work within the means of the given budget and to exercise prudent judgement in where funds are allocated; this means that I must interact and dialogue with my constituents to know what the immediate needs and concerns are which can inform reasoned decision on your behalf.​

The state needs to adopt a frugal mentality and not one of using all funds for the fiscal year in order to justify higher budget needs for the following year. The state has a duty to make their budgets available to the constituent to see how and where their funds are being used. I aim to provide them with a voice at congress in support for or against proposals on where their funds are being shared.​

As your congressman I will reject any effort to further raise the debt ceiling. I will work to roll back government spending and eliminate all unnecessary programs and budget items that are not allowed for by the U.S. Constitution.

I want active engagement and participation with my constituents – and I will implement plans to ensure access.


We are a nation of immigrants.

Throughout our history, people have come legally to our shores seeking a better life. They came here eager to become Americans and embrace the American dream.

Today our country is flooded with illegal immigrants who disrespect our laws, who wish to maintain themselves separate from American society, and who seek to transform our country to resemble the very countries they flee from.

We have 185 different types of visas to enter this country. We do not need to pass additional immigration laws; we need to give our immigration and customs agencies the resources they need to enforce existing laws.


Our control of the entry of drugs into our country is a failure. Strong border control is essential.

Marijuana, now legal in Washington State, contributes to lethargy in our youth and too often is a pathway to hard drugs. The opioid epidemic is perilous now, growing in deaths, and we lack treatment centers for those seeking help with addiction.​

I will push for the establishment of a commission composed of border patrol, healthcare, school health professionals and law enforcement specialists to address drug addiction in the United States, examine the efficacy of solutions from around the world, and make recommendations to Congress.


Our founding fathers felt that the ultimate term limit mechanism was for incumbents to be elected on a regular basis.  However, today we need an infusion of citizen-centric Congressional representation to replace establishment (special interest) representation.  Therefore I endorse establishing term limits for members of the House and Senate.​

States should decide appropriate Congressional term limits. As I work with states, my recommendation will be for 3 terms for House members (6 years) and 2 terms for Senate members (12 years).​

Without term limits, we are in the swamp of special interests which control federal legislation in Washington D.C. The cure for what I dub”swamp disease” is term limits!


I have always found it interesting that the government does not require information on your ethnic background when filling out yearly tax forms.

The Government apparently doesn’t care what color your skin is when it’s asking for money.

I support equal employment opportunity and equal pay for equal work, and have done so ever since passage of the Act calling for protected classes’ freedom from discrimination.  Affirmative action programs are different, however, and I oppose that concept because I believe that minorities and women are capable of competing in education or labor without a built-in advantage or government oversight.

The 50-year-old war on poverty, designed to provide a better life for minorities, is a proven abject failure and does nothing but perpetuate the very poverty it seeks to eliminate.

I believe that the best way to celebrate diversity is to treat all people equally.​

I believe that the sooner the government stops worrying about the color of people’s skin, the sooner people will quit thinking it’s important.

As your congressman, I will advocate to remove questions of ethnicity from all governmental forms, and the elimination of any federal programs that do not apply to all Americans equally.


As a professional and professor in agriculture, and a resident of our beautiful Pacific Northwest I understand the need for conservation.
Our country is wonderfully blessed with a wide variety of natural resources.
As citizens, it is our duty to be good stewards of these resources.

Several concerns fall under this category: forestry, fishing, agriculture, public health and safety. We have several laws to mitigate hazards and to ensure protections in the event of environmental disasters. However, we must do more to prevent these to begin with – with the laws and tools that we already have at our disposal.​

Occasionally, these issues are the result of criminal activity, which must be punished according to the law. We must ensure that people who work on the front lines are provided with adequate training and equipment to do their jobs and to provide adequate recompense for the risks that are involved with the job.​

Management of our waterways, fishing industry, forestry and logging, and agriculture must be done in a manner that provides a balance between our needs and nature. We need to work with federal policy makers and businesses to identify best practices to achieve this.

Part of my responsibility in Congress will be to see that private exploitation of our national resources does not pass along costs to the public, in terms of pollution, ecologic damage or decreased quality of life.

I am outraged by industries who are willing to pay regulatory fines because it’s cheaper than cleaning up the damage they cause, and I will seek to end to this practice.

The Arctic national wildlife refuge can be exploited for its oil reserves with virtually no impact on the ecology or wildlife of the North Slope, as proven by operations in areas adjacent to the ANWR.​

Last but not least; Washington state is in a tsunami and landslide zone. We need to have effective evacuation and people management plans in place in the even of such a natural disaster and to have access to federal resources if required.


Our federal agriculture policy is nearly 100 years out of date.

Modern farmers have access to tools, techniques, transportation, information and market analysis that were unheard of when our current agricultural policies were established. America’s industrial farmer can easily compete in the free market without any government assistance.

I will work in Congress to end all farm subsidies, which cause our farms to be underutilized and drive up prices to the consumers.

Ethanol is not a sustainable fuel source, requiring more gasoline to produce than it provides as fuel. I will seek to end the mandate for ethanol additives to gasoline. This will allow the free market to determine the best use of our corn crops. Corn currently being grown for ethanol may be repurposed to livestock feed, which will bring down the price of meat at the grocery store.

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