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Decisions about a child’s education should be made between the teacher and the parent.

Education is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, and therefore according to the 10th amendment the federal government role in education should be remanded to the individual states.

We need to provide our students with quality education and have a duty of care to ensure that we do.

When elected I will seek to abolish the Department of Education and eliminate all federal subsidies, federal loan programs and federal scholarships, which should constitutionally be under the purview of the states. I will advocate for the use of a voucher system to encourage education funding to go directly to the parents to be spent on an accredited school.

​My focus in education will be to work on the groundwork set by our President to give state autonomy over education. I plan to propose higher parental involvement between students, schools and parents to facilitate a holistic approach to delivery of education from K – 12.

For higher education, I plan to propose a bill to push vocational studies, apprenticeships and internships with local businesses and higher education institutions. I aim to provide alternative routes and pathways towards qualification as skilled professionals, which can lead to quicker employment prospects from gained on-the-job experience.

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