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Our 3rd Congressional District is heavily dependent on federal highways, rail and marine transportation. This infrastructure needs funding to be properly maintained and expanded to meet growing needs.

I will not, however, accept frivolous transportation bills whose costs are not proportional to the need, like the infamous Gravina Island Bridge to nowhere.

We have a serious congestion issue between Oregon and Washington. The problem needs attended to with solutions, which alleviate congestion – to the satisfaction of the constituents. For further information, see my platform statement on “no Oregon tolls.”

​Several constituents have talked about alternatives for infrastructure that expands tunnels to connect Portland to Vancouver or building a bridge western sides (and perhaps even a second eastern bridge) of the I-5 bridge. As your Congressional Representative, I will aggressively serve as liaison with our county and state leadership to the appropriate federal entities.

​This project will be a massive undertaking that will involve bi-state involvement with policy makers on both side of the river, multiple budgets and several constituencies to come to an accord on how to proceed.

​I will work towards the most optimal outcome for both commuting constituents, the ports and businesses with freight to be moved in order to ensure minimal disruption to trade and movement.

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