Campaign Updates

VOTE NOW! 10/27/2021

Ballots of 8.4% of our registered voters have been received as of late last night in the Elections Office.  In November 2019 voter turnout was only 36%, so if we stay true to that non-presidential year, more than ¾ of our voters still need to drive by a red ballot box to submit their ballots. Please ask your friends if they have dropped off their ballots, and encourage them to VOTE NOW!

Vancouver neighbors ask how I differ from the incumbent mayor on the I-5 bridge. Let’s start with TOLLS.  I want the mayor to stand up and fight against tolls—which I would do—but she says tolls are inevitable, and moves on.  Our commuters will pay most of those tolls for the I-5 and the additional tolling done by the Oregon Toll Program and the I-205 Toll Project on the Abernathy and Tualatin River Bridges!  This is not right. It does not relieve that terrible traffic congestion or make it better for businesses trying to move freight.  It certainly does not improve our quality of life.  I will be vocal against tolls, and will report to citizens regularly where the discussions stand because you deserve to know.

Vancouver is not Portland.
Elect a mayor who does not make decisions so we become Portland.

Every time I’ve written an update, I gave you the countdown to ballots being mailed. This time it’s a suggestion to please drop off your ballot at one of the Official Ballot Drop Sites.  Here’s why.  The Post Office announced it is slowing deliveries, and IT IS, which I’ve experienced first-hand.  Don’t count on the usual rapid service of delivery to County Elections by U.S. mail – your vote is too important!

Questions on homelessness just don’t stop. Even this week’s Vancouver Business Journal interview covered “What is your stance on working on the homelessness issue in the Vancouver area, and how do you think the city can help businesses that are affected by the issue of homeless camps?”  My reply was straightforward:  “I believe the city can best help businesses affected by the presence of encampments by eliminating the camps – not by solidifying and supporting them. The incumbent’s plan for formally sanctioned homeless camps spaced throughout Vancouver runs exactly opposite to my perspective of what most helps business as well as the homeless people themselves. As a City let’s focus on trash mitigation and care for those with mental health and substance abuse crises to get them off the streets. Make crime illegal as we stop the catch and release policy, support police and embrace community partnerships for safe neighborhoods.”

A shooting near an apartment on 51st Street last night, and the report of debris being thrown at officers responding to the calls for help, only increase fear and anger at what is happening in Vancouver.  Encampments have their share of crime such as the September stabbing that we heard about. It is not too late to turn things around if we stand firm. Please stand firmly with Bowerman for Mayor!

If you live in Precinct 625 or 930, it is not fraudulent when you received a new ballot!  A mistake made by the Elections Office has been corrected, so read the letter of explanation you’ll receive and please return the corrected ballot! 

Contact me anytime you or friends have feedback or questions about my positions. Don’t hesitate.

This morning’s front page Columbian story on Two Different Approaches to the Vancouver mayor race tells part of an interesting contrast between me and Incumbent Ogle. It disheartens me that she defends at length and “emphasizes that her role is to represent the city council.” My role as your Mayor is to represent YOU!  I will never forget that as your mayor I represent you. 

One of the conversations illustrating my difference with Incumbent Ogle is on controlling global climate. Again, Ogle did not directly give her own opinion (although she stands for controlling global climate perhaps because City Council takes that position) but said that overlapping interests of various jurisdictions “could complicate a shift away from a reliance on greenhouse gases.”  Huh?  Let’s talk data about carbon dioxide. How will you control global climate when you emit 2.57 g/minute carbon dioxide by breathing 24 hours/day versus your car emitting only 2.19 g/minute by being used 4 hours/day every day?  How will those in the City of Vancouver controlling global warming impact China which in 2019 had 28% of the share of carbon dioxide emissions versus the U.S. which had an 18% share? In Plant Sciences I saw most crops reaching an ideal saturation point of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis at about 1000 parts per million whereas today’s level of atmospheric carbon dioxide is 410 parts per million.  This topic is complex and in my opinion is a waste of City taxpayer money when it goes beyond clean water and effective wastewater collection.

The photograph attached just goes to show that you never know where you’ll find a Bowerman for Mayor sign! (Go Glenn K!) Please help keep them straight and neat out there!

Please contact me anytime you have feedback or questions about my positions. Don’t  hesitate! Homelessness remains the #1 topic that people call me about. Maybe you read that the non-profit group Outsiders Inn was contracted beginning this month for the first year ($571,148) to maintain sanitation and safety at the City’s first sanctioned encampment for about 40 persons living in tents.  My position is NOT to solidify and sanction homelessness in the City, but to use any such funds ($14,279/person?) to eliminate homelessness, get the people help to keep them  off the streets, and get rid of those encampments. 

Vancouver is 34 percent more expensive than the rest of the nation! Many factors go into that disappointing number -- including taxes. Did you know that Vancouver has higher sales tax than 64 percent of other Washington State localities? Or that our property taxes are higher than the State's average effective tax? I for one want my City Council and Mayor to vote for keeping all taxes that they control as low as possible. But NO!; Ever since the incumbent mayor first took her oath of office, she has voted EVERY YEAR FOR SEVEN YEARS for higher property taxes. Initially beginning as a councilor she voted on November 3, 2014 for the maximum-allowed increase in the City's regular levy and again every year through the Ordinance for 2021 and her entire term as mayor she led the vote to increase our property taxes. As you save up to pay the second half 2021 property tax by November 1, think about who we have to note is responsible for your growing bill. As your Mayor, I will lead for votes that keep taxes down in Vancouver! Support Earl Bowerman for Mayor!

The Incumbent Mayor's response to homelessness is "supported encampments" that taxpayers will fence and sanction and fund around town. At the last Council meeting it was decided to extend the sites to 3 years so the homeless would not be disrupted and have to move from their location. Providers will bring in showers, restrooms, laundry facilities, cooking options, health care, trash pick-up, etc. I oppose this policy of SOLIDIFYING encampments, and say: ELIMINATE them!  Today while driving I saw large encampments in Vancouver and I'd just heard Oregon Live report today that homeless are clustered in tents and vehicles in more than 80 parts of Portland. We must not let Vancouver deteriorate to become Portland!!  Vote Bowerman for Mayor!

Don't Let Vancouver Become Like Portland.

I’m the Law and Order candidate in this race for Mayor of Vancouver, and ask for your vote as a vote for change. Last week I shared with you some statistics on crime in Vancouver and the low number of officers authorized in the city, compared to Washington State or the nation as a whole.  Add to that instances of “catch and release” and we have the beginning of a real downturn in quality of life. Those data are why City residents are reporting a disappointing response to reported crime.  This pattern must change. Don’t let Vancouver become Portland.  Please join me in supporting our Police as well as policies that support the Police for doing their job.

Public safety is central to enjoying active & livable neighborhoods including downtown and the beautiful waterfront area. However, in keeping up with local news we all have concerns about continual reports of criminal activity, so I researched overall data that result from City policies. It is not acceptable when we learn that total crime rates in Vancouver, WA are 50% higher than the national average, with violent crimes 27% higher than the national average. Vancouver is more safe than only 8% of Washington cities.  Public safety must become a higher priority, and that is my position as your candidate for mayor.  Neither the Washington state constitution nor state law mandates a specific number of law enforcement officers per thousand population or level of law enforcement services. These are primarily policy decisions for the city to determine.Supporting the police is of critical importance and not allowing policies such as "catch and release."   (Data were calculated from the FBI Uniform Crime Report provided by AreaVibes which you know for livability scores, and we know that public safety is a huge issue in livability.)

It is appropriate to introduce myself so you can better know your candidate! These videos, like the one you can click on below, are unscripted so you see me and know who I am!  I was born and raised in Arkansas. I've been in higher education for over thirty years at Texas A&M and CSU Fresno on the faculty in agriculture, with a doctorate in Plant Histology from Rutgers.  I am running for Mayor of Vancouver because I'm concerned about the direction our city is going. So we'll have a series of short videos on the issues.  The number one priority for me is Public Safety so we'll go into that topic next time.  See you soon!