Earl for Mayor 10/20/2021

Every time I’ve written an update, I gave you the countdown to ballots being mailed. This time it’s a suggestion to please drop off your ballot at one of the Official Ballot Drop Sites.  Here’s why.  The Post Office announced it is slowing deliveries, and IT IS, which I’ve experienced first-hand.  Don’t count on the usual rapid service of delivery to County Elections by U.S. mail – your vote is too important!

Questions on homelessness just don’t stop. Even this week’s Vancouver Business Journal interview covered “What is your stance on working on the homelessness issue in the Vancouver area, and how do you think the city can help businesses that are affected by the issue of homeless camps?”  My reply was straightforward:  “I believe the city can best help businesses affected by the presence of encampments by eliminating the camps – not by solidifying and supporting them. The incumbent’s plan for formally sanctioned homeless camps spaced throughout Vancouver runs exactly opposite to my perspective of what most helps business as well as the homeless people themselves. As a City let’s focus on trash mitigation and care for those with mental health and substance abuse crises to get them off the streets. Make crime illegal as we stop the catch and release policy, support police and embrace community partnerships for safe neighborhoods.”

A shooting near an apartment on 51st Street last night, and the report of debris being thrown at officers responding to the calls for help, only increase fear and anger at what is happening in Vancouver.  Encampments have their share of crime such as the September stabbing that we heard about. It is not too late to turn things around if we stand firm. Please stand firmly with Bowerman for Mayor!

If you live in Precinct 625 or 930, it is not fraudulent when you received a new ballot!  A mistake made by the Elections Office has been corrected, so read the letter of explanation you’ll receive and please return the corrected ballot! 

Contact me anytime you or friends have feedback or questions about my positions. Don’t hesitate.