Support law enforcement again.

policeWe must support the right issues by electing representatives of the people who are skilled in identifying and supporting true community priorities. Using my 35 years of professional experience, as an elected official I will listen and lead plans for protection of all residents and business owners and their quality of life. Residents of the 17th tell me that they want to see law enforcement supported, and you can count on me to work in Olympia to turn around the restrictions on law enforcement that our incumbents passed in 2021. Olympia got it backwards when they put handcuffs on law enforcement.

Eliminate homeless encampments; don’t solidify them.

homelessWe must eliminate homeless encampments and that is why I oppose plans for formally sanctioned homeless camps. Instead we must focus on both trash mitigation and care for those with mental health and substance abuse crises. Trash mitigation is about the safety of those innocent cyclists or children passing by who must not stumble upon used needles or rat-infested garbage. Mental health and substance abuse help are about both compassion and prevention of encampments being cleaned in one area and relocating across the street. Make crime illegal as we stop the catch and release policy, support police, provide body cameras for law enforcement and embrace community partnerships for safe neighborhoods.

Lower taxes!

taxesWith inflation taking its ugly toll (and it appears to be heading the wrong direction) I’ll put my experience to work in determining budget priorities as together we control spending. High taxes make difficult economic times more difficult for individuals and for businesses. Did you know that even before local sales taxes are added in, the state levies and collects 6.5% of the selling price on every retail sale? I will support reducing our state sales tax. Even though Washington has no income tax, we remain a high tax state, so you will also find me calling for reduction of the state portion of property taxes. State revenues are vastly increasing and Washington has a multi-billion dollar surplus. In theory, we could just increase spending to eat up that surplus as some in Olympia want to do, but you can count on me to continue stabilizing or reducing spending so that sales and property taxes can be lowered! As one who is passionate about integrity in government, I will be principled with honesty and transparency.

Why I stand against Toll Roads

portlandWikipedia labels Vancouver a suburb of Portland. Instead, our destiny is for better quality of life and for bringing jobs here that enable our residents of the 17th to avoid long commutes for work. We need roads and bridges that provide sufficient numbers of auto lanes to reduce traffic congestion. Let’s support plans for a third corridor! With tens of thousands of our residents commuting across the river for their livelihood, and paying millions to Oregon in income taxes, we need not also be tolled for having to travel those roads! Believe me that tolls would cost millions in wasted money to collect. And they don’t go away because forever there is an excuse as to why more tolls are needed.

I ask for your vote.