Let’s support police again.

policeRepresentatives of the people must be skilled in identifying and supporting true community priorities. Using my 35 years of professional experience, as an elected official I will listen and lead plans for protection of all residents and business owners and their quality of life.

Eliminate homeless encampments; don’t solidify them.

homelessI oppose the Council’s plan for formally sanctioned homeless camps spaced throughout Vancouver. Instead we must focus on both trash mitigation and care for those with mental health and substance abuse crises. Make crime illegal as we stop the catch and release policy, support police, provide body cameras for law enforcement and embrace community partnerships for safe neighborhoods.

No new taxes!

taxesI have experience in determining budget priorities as together we control spending. As one who is passionate about integrity in city government, I will be principled with honesty and transparency.

Vancouver must not become Portland!

portlandWikipedia labels Vancouver a suburb of Portland. Instead, our destiny is for an independent, safe and thriving city. We can distinguish Vancouver by furthering quality of life and by bringing jobs here that enable our residents to avoid long commutes for work.

I ask for your vote.