Public Safety 9/5/2021

Public safety is central to enjoying active & livable neighborhoods including downtown and the beautiful waterfront area. However, in keeping up with local news we all have concerns about continual reports of criminal activity, so I researched overall data that result from City policies. It is not acceptable when we learn that total crime rates in Vancouver, WA are 50% higher than the national average, with violent crimes 27% higher than the national average. Vancouver is more safe than only 8% of Washington cities.  Public safety must become a higher priority, and that is my position as your candidate for mayor.  Neither the Washington state constitution nor state law mandates a specific number of law enforcement officers per thousand population or level of law enforcement services. These are primarily policy decisions for the city to determine.Supporting the police is of critical importance and not allowing policies such as "catch and release."   (Data were calculated from the FBI Uniform Crime Report provided by AreaVibes which you know for livability scores, and we know that public safety is a huge issue in livability.)