Taxes, Taxes, Taxes 9/26/2021

Vancouver is 34 percent more expensive than the rest of the nation! Many factors go into that disappointing number -- including taxes. Did you know that Vancouver has higher sales tax than 64 percent of other Washington State localities? Or that our property taxes are higher than the State's average effective tax? I for one want my City Council and Mayor to vote for keeping all taxes that they control as low as possible. But NO!; Ever since the incumbent mayor first took her oath of office, she has voted EVERY YEAR FOR SEVEN YEARS for higher property taxes. Initially beginning as a councilor she voted on November 3, 2014 for the maximum-allowed increase in the City's regular levy and again every year through the Ordinance for 2021 and her entire term as mayor she led the vote to increase our property taxes. As you save up to pay the second half 2021 property tax by November 1, think about who we have to note is responsible for your growing bill. As your Mayor, I will lead for votes that keep taxes down in Vancouver! Support Earl Bowerman for Mayor!