VOTE NOW! 10/27/2021

Ballots of 8.4% of our registered voters have been received as of late last night in the Elections Office.  In November 2019 voter turnout was only 36%, so if we stay true to that non-presidential year, more than ¾ of our voters still need to drive by a red ballot box to submit their ballots. Please ask your friends if they have dropped off their ballots, and encourage them to VOTE NOW!

Vancouver neighbors ask how I differ from the incumbent mayor on the I-5 bridge. Let’s start with TOLLS.  I want the mayor to stand up and fight against tolls—which I would do—but she says tolls are inevitable, and moves on.  Our commuters will pay most of those tolls for the I-5 and the additional tolling done by the Oregon Toll Program and the I-205 Toll Project on the Abernathy and Tualatin River Bridges!  This is not right. It does not relieve that terrible traffic congestion or make it better for businesses trying to move freight.  It certainly does not improve our quality of life.  I will be vocal against tolls, and will report to citizens regularly where the discussions stand because you deserve to know.

Vancouver is not Portland.
Elect a mayor who does not make decisions so we become Portland.