Your Mayor should represent YOU! 10/10/2021

This morning’s front page Columbian story on Two Different Approaches to the Vancouver mayor race tells part of an interesting contrast between me and Incumbent Ogle. It disheartens me that she defends at length and “emphasizes that her role is to represent the city council.” My role as your Mayor is to represent YOU!  I will never forget that as your mayor I represent you. 

One of the conversations illustrating my difference with Incumbent Ogle is on controlling global climate. Again, Ogle did not directly give her own opinion (although she stands for controlling global climate perhaps because City Council takes that position) but said that overlapping interests of various jurisdictions “could complicate a shift away from a reliance on greenhouse gases.”  Huh?  Let’s talk data about carbon dioxide. How will you control global climate when you emit 2.57 g/minute carbon dioxide by breathing 24 hours/day versus your car emitting only 2.19 g/minute by being used 4 hours/day every day?  How will those in the City of Vancouver controlling global warming impact China which in 2019 had 28% of the share of carbon dioxide emissions versus the U.S. which had an 18% share? In Plant Sciences I saw most crops reaching an ideal saturation point of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis at about 1000 parts per million whereas today’s level of atmospheric carbon dioxide is 410 parts per million.  This topic is complex and in my opinion is a waste of City taxpayer money when it goes beyond clean water and effective wastewater collection.

The photograph attached just goes to show that you never know where you’ll find a Bowerman for Mayor sign! (Go Glenn K!) Please help keep them straight and neat out there!

Please contact me anytime you have feedback or questions about my positions. Don’t  hesitate! Homelessness remains the #1 topic that people call me about. Maybe you read that the non-profit group Outsiders Inn was contracted beginning this month for the first year ($571,148) to maintain sanitation and safety at the City’s first sanctioned encampment for about 40 persons living in tents.  My position is NOT to solidify and sanction homelessness in the City, but to use any such funds ($14,279/person?) to eliminate homelessness, get the people help to keep them  off the streets, and get rid of those encampments.